Welcome To Forest Hills Holistic Health

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Welcome to Forest Hills Holistic Health!

How has your experience been with your healthcare team? Do you feel like you are heard and truly understood? Are all of your concerns addressed? Do you feel you are able to be truly open and honest when discussing your health?

Dr. Jen Overbeck started Forest Hills Holistic Health to make sure you feel heard. To make sure you feel cared for. And to allow you to feel in control of your health. We use both holistic health practices as well as modern science to give our clients the best care plans to better their lives and health.

Working together, we will address not only your symptoms, but the underlying reason those symptoms are showing up. If we can explore and identify the imbalances, then we can make a meaningful difference. Looking beyond – more in depth – than a labeled “diagnosis”, we can figure out why you are having those dysfunctions in the first place.

Currently Jennifer works via telehealth and serves clients in Chicago, Detroit, and West Michigan. 


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